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According to a research, about 3.4 billion images are shared daily on Facebook and Instagram alone. If we average that with the world's population, it would mean that almost every second person in the world shares one photo per day on social media.

Whether it's individuals who want to show their friends where they are and what they're doing, or businesses who want to promote their products and services to (potential) customers, it is obvious that sharing photos is important to a large number of Internet users.

If you are one of those Internet users who regularly share photos on social media, and you want to edit your photos before posting them online - this blog is for you. We will write about Adobe Lightroom - a famous application that offers you basic and more advanced photo processing.

It is true that some of the social media applications (Facebook and Instagram) offer you the possibility to edit the photos before sharing them online. But if what these apps offer isn't enough for you, maybe Lightroom will give you what you're looking for.


The Adobe company is known for offering an excellent selection of applications and software to those engaged in digital creative work (photography, video, graphic design, digital art, etc.).

In one of our previous blogs we wrote about the best and most useful video editing softwares, and among others we mentioned Adobe Premiere Pro as one of the best options for that purpose.

If you have time and are interested in that topic, click here and read that blog.


When it comes to the specific topic of today's blog (photo editing), Adobe's offering boils down to two very useful applications: Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. In fact, there is a third option, which is Adobe Photoshop Express - software that contains only a fraction of the capabilities offered by Adobe Photoshop.

Lightroom is a better-known photo editing application since its main purpose is to process the colors/brightness/sharpness of photos. On the other hand, Photoshop allows you to remove blemishes from images, create masks, add text, and similar capabilities that are often needed by those involved in graphic design and digital art.

The desktop version of Lightroom is perhaps the most famous and most used photo editing program among professionals, which means that it is a software that has been proven to be reliable.

Like the desktop version, the Adobe Lightroom mobile app is a powerful tool that allows users to organize, edit and share their photos. Although the experience of using the mobile application is limited, the possibilities it offers are almost the same as the desktop version.

The strength of Lightroom is that it offers a number of possibilities to 'play' with the colors of the photos according to your taste, as well as other basic and advanced tools that will help you improve brightness, sharpness, shadows, etc. Also, the Lightroom mobile app offers you over 50 filters that make photo processing an easy and fast process.

Not only that, but with the app itself you also get several short videos (tutorials) in which professional photographers explain to you how to improve the quality of your photos using Lightroom. In fact, if you decide to use this app, our suggestion is to watch those videos first, as they are a good introduction to the software itself and how it works.

Plus, since it's an app used by a number of professionals, you can find plenty of videos on YouTube to teach you how to use it.

There's a lot more that can be said about Adobe Lightroom, but it might be best if you install it and try it out for yourself. If you have time to get to know it, we guarantee that you will like it and use it often.

The basic version is free, and although it has limited features, it will be more than enough for most users.


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