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Is your business one of those businesses that do not yet have corporate or promotional videos? If the answer to this question is "yes", then your business is a step behind compared to other competing businesses that already have and apply video marketing strategies. In this blog we will write about the advantages of those businesses that have a good video marketing strategy and why your business should have it.

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There are many reasons why your business needs video. Over the past few blogs, we've thought about how videos are more relevant to customers' tastes compared to text, that videos help your business SEO, and that videos help you present your brand in a creative way to the general public.

But that's not all! There is another very important reason why it is important to think seriously about developing a video marketing strategy.


Big and famous brands recognize the need for video marketing and that is why their video ads are constantly present on TV and the Internet. Whether it is for companies in the automotive, food, textile, transportation industries, etc., one of the reasons why large companies are successful is because they know how to connect with their customers.

I guess it will be hard for you to think of a big and well-known brand that does not use video to advertise. This is because well-known brands understand the need to connect with (potential) customers, and offer them the thing that arouses their interest the most - videos.

But what we need to keep in mind is that video marketing is not, and should not be associated with just big companies that have millions of dollars/euros for that purpose. Nowadays, one of the reasons why many businesses do not have their own video marketing strategy is because many of them do not understand its importance - not because it would cost too much (we will write more about that in the future blogs).


Almost every business has competition in other businesses that offer the same or similar products/services, at the same or similar prices. One of the many reasons why some businesses are more successful and offer almost the same products at almost the same prices as others is because they have a good video marketing strategy.

Research conducted by marketing company Wyzowl shows very positive results in favor of those businesses that use video marketing. The bottom line is that businesses that have a planned video marketing strategy generally grow much faster and sell more of their products and services than those who do not pay attention to video marketing.

What does this mean for you and your competitors? If your competitors have a video, they offer potential customers what you do not offer, i.e. they are already working on raising awareness of their brand, and are likely to conquer the market. It is up to you whether you will sit and watch, or do something about it.

video, video marketing, video ads, video advertisement, digital marketing, competition, beat your competition

Stop for a moment and think about who your competitors are in the market, and how many of those businesses use video marketing. It does not matter if their products and services are worse or better than yours, but if they advertise them using video. If the answer is yes for at least a few of them, then they are one step ahead of you, and it's a good idea to do something about it.

That is why it is helpful to think about a good video marketing strategy that will help you keep up with digital marketing trends. Every business that is your competitor in the market and has a video is a business that has an advantage over you in the way it reaches your target group of customers.


On the other hand, your competitors may not have a video marketing strategy. If so, then this is good news for you. This is a great opportunity for you to be the first in the specific branch of your industry, and to take the first step in creating and implementing a video marketing strategy.

If your competitors are still not using video, the video content that you would post online will help you stand out from them by helping your customers get to know you better, and see what products/services you are offering. This increases your chances of beating the competition that still does not recognise the importance and value of video marketing.

video, video marketing, video ads, video advertisement, digital marketing, competition, beat your competition

So, take the first step before your competitors do! Planning and implementing a good video marketing strategy will help you to have an advantage over other businesses that do not have it. This is because as the above research shows, you have tried to connect with customers in a way that is most appropriate for their taste.


Video marketing is one of the most advanced digital tools through which many businesses are promoted. If your business is up to date with modern digital trends, it means you are on the same level with the competition that is already doing the same; or you are ahead of the competition that is not yet doing so.

Therefore, if your business still does not have a video marketing strategy, and you want it to thrive, it's time to think seriously and take action in that direction. If you do, there is a good chance that over time you will see how such a step will significantly affect the growth of your business.




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