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In the last blog we wrote about the advantage that digital cameras have compared to the cameras found in our smartphones. If you haven't read that blog, now is the time to do so, so you have a better and more complete understanding of what we are going to write about in this one.

Unlike the last one, the premise of this blog will be a little different. Namely, just as digital cameras have certain advantages over smartphone cameras, using smartphone cameras also has certain advantages.

In general, the advantages of the smartphone camera do not refer to the quality of the image, but to some other aspects that at certain times will be extremely important for you.


One of the obvious differences and advantages of using a smartphone camera is portability. Since we carry our smartphone with us everywhere we go, it means that we don't have to worry whether or not we have a camera that will help us capture the important and planned (or spontaneous) events happening before our eyes.

On the other hand, if you want to do this with a digital camera, it would mean that wherever you go you will need to carry a small bag or backpack for your digital camera. For some people this may not be a problem, but for many it will be, because almost every time they go out they will have to think about taking the device with them, having full batteries for it, etc.


The second important advantage of smartphones is that they all have an option to connect to the Internet. Smartphones offer you the option to post your pictures/videos online with just a few taps on the screen. With your smartphone, you can share your pictures/videos on social media within 10-15 seconds and keep your friends informed of where you are, what you're doing, who you're with, etc.

Unlike smartphones, digital cameras don't have the ability to connect directly to the internet and for that they need some sort of intermediary device, be it a smartphone, tablet or computer. This can complicate the content sharing process as you have to transfer the images first and then publish them.


There are a number of apps that you can install on your smartphone that are designed to help you perform basic processing on the images and videos you've taken. In one of the following blogs, we will write about the best and most useful applications for that purpose.

But one of the main advantages of using smartphones - compared to digital cameras - is just that: the possibility of direct processing of images and videos. Unlike smartphones, digital cameras don't have that option, and if you want to process your images/videos, you'll need to transfer them to your phone/computer first and complete the process there. The exception to this rule are some newer (and quite expensive) digital cameras that have the ability to do direct (but limited) image and video processing.

As with the previous point, the advantage of smartphones in this aspect is that they save you time - which is very often of utmost importance.


Smartphones are in a way mini computers that we carry in our pockets every day. From that point of view, one of the main advantages is that we use them not only for photography, but also for many other activities and needs. Taking pictures and recording are just two of the purposes we use smartphones for, but we also use them for calls, online meetings, social media, entertainment, reading news, and more.

Digital cameras are extremely limited in this aspect. Their only purpose is to take pictures and record videos. As we wrote in the last blog, this can be an advantage for digital cameras, but it can also be an advantage for smartphones - it all depends from which perspective you look at the situation.


Digital cameras offer better image quality compared to smartphones, but smartphones also have certain advantages that need to be considered.

Although we cannot say that smartphones can take high-quality and professional pictures, if you bring a little creativity to the process of taking photographies, you will surely be surprised by the possibilities offered by the device that you carry with you wherever you go.


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