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There are different types of videos that can help your business grow. In two of our previous blogs we wrote about the most common types of videos used to promote products/services/messages they want to present to the public (read the first blog by clicking here and the second here). In this blog we will write what three types of videos your business needs most at the beginning. Since all small and medium-sized businesses are limited in the resources they can invest in video production, we'll give you some tips on what type of videos to focus your resources on.


Corporate videos help customers (and potential customers) understand and grasp the big picture of your business. The goal is to convey the short but essentially important message about what your business does, what are the values, vision and mission according to which it is run.

In other words, the purpose of corporate videos is to raise awareness of your brand - the things that make your business unique compared to every other business on the market. What you should keep in mind is that corporate videos do not advertise or promote specific products/services, but the business itself.

If the corporate video does not promote the products/services they offer, then what is the use of it? The benefit of corporate video is not in sales, but in the insights of your business's story, which in the end should result with sales. When others have an awareness of who you are and what you do, and if that aligns with their values - they can collaborate with you.

You, and perhaps other people, know the story and values of your business very well, but the general public does not. Therefore, if you want them to find out - the corporate video will help you achieve this goal.


Unlike a corporate video where you don't present products/services, but only represent your brand, a promotional video is a tool that will help you show to the potential customers what you have to offer and can make their lives easier, better and give them value.

The name itself tells you that with this type of video, the goal is to promote what your business offers as a product/service to the general public.

What is the advantage of promotional video in terms of increased sales of your products/services? A promotional video aims to show potential customers how their lives will improve if they use your products/services - keep this in mind because generally speaing customers don't care how good your product/service is, but how it will change them/improve their lives.

If the potential customers realize the change that your product/service will make in their lives, although not all, but a good part of them will go from potential to real customers.


This type of video is extremely important for your business. Testimonials are actually videos in which your existing customers share their positive experience as a result of using your products/services.

If a promotional video helps you showcase the change your product/service can make in a person’s life, testimonials are videos where you show potential customers the difference your product/service has already made in the lives of others.

The value of testimonials is that someone else, not you, says how good your product/service is (and in the eyes of potential customers, that often carries more weight). Testimonials help your business connect with potential customers through the words and experience of the existing ones. The former have a problem they want to solve, and the latter have already solved it with the help of your business.

If you need to shoot a promotional, corporate video, or video testimonials, LinkAcross Video Production can help you with that. We have many years of experience in cooperation with small and medium-sized businesses from Macedonia and Albania. You can see our portfolio at:

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