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The importance and necessity of videos in today's world cannot be denied. More and more businesses and organizations are choosing to invest in professional promotional video recording - taking the right step to help them present their products, services and message to the general public.

If your business/organization does not yet have a professional video that represents your mission, vision and message, it may be time to think in that direction. Or maybe you are already thinking about that step, but you don't know where to start in implementing the idea.

In this, as in the last blog, we write about the process of recording professional videos that we as a video production go through with our clients. If you are a business owner looking to make a professional promotional video, we hope these blogs will help you understand the process that will help you achieve your goal.


Last time we stopped at writing a script - a process that is not very interesting, but it helps everyone involved in making a video to know what is the idea behind the script. After the writing of the script is completed, one of the most interesting steps related to video production follows, and that is recording.

The recording takes place at the location agreed in advance with the video production. If it is a video in which you want to show your store/office/factory, it will be good to pay attention at least a day before to some unwanted elements that are located in the spaces you want to show in the video. Although the video should not show an unrealistic image of certain business premises, it is still important to leave a good impression on potential customers.

Depending on what is agreed in the script, the recording process itself may require your involvement (if you want to personally explain something related to your business), or it may require the involvement of your employees or your existing clients (if it is a testimonial).

The shooting success depends on many factors, and the more of them you predict in time, the better and easier it will go. Therefore, if you want to avoid unplanned and unwanted moments during the recording, it is good to pay attention to the previous steps of the video recording process so that all expectations and ideas are well communicated and implemented.


After the recording, comes a period of processing the video, the duration of which may depend on how long the video is, what are your requirements/expectations in terms of processing, etc. The main burden of processing and creativity always falls on video production, and you will have to trust their expertise every time.

Even so, until the final product (the final and final version of the video) is reached, you will need to review the video and make comments regarding its content. In general, the video cannot be much different from what was originally agreed (via the script), but if there are any finesse that can be improved - communicate it to the video production team.


Once the editing process is complete, you will receive the video in its final version - ready to be shared online and on social media. Upon receiving the final version of the video (and of course, after paying the production for the completed service :) ) your cooperation with the video production ends. What follows next is the promotion of the video - something you can do yourself, or you can outsource.

No matter how good and creative the video will be, it won't benefit you if you don't make an effort to promote it online/on social media. If you want to achieve a good effect, publish it on your website, Facebook page, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc., and in this way you will give potential customers the opportunity to get to know the products / services that your business offers.


If you are interested in recording a video for your business/organization, feel free to contact us and we will help you in achieving that.




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